Welcome to Teach Digital’s Digital Route Finder! If you are you keen to improve your digital knowledge, skills or confidence, then you are in the right place. And we would love to help! Teach Digital aims to empower women from migrant backgrounds and the educators that teach them in adult education organisations to use technology and digital tools to support their work, their study, and other aspects of living in a digital age.

We offer:

  • A simple and clear way of thinking about digital skills
  • A Personalised Report on your personal digital skills report providing you with an overview of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Training Recommendations on which modules of our Open Educational Resources to focus on that will best strengthen your digital skills
  • Content tailored specifically for migrant women which has been developed through collaborative partnerships with many adult education and migrant women organisations.
  • A recognised assessment based on Digcomp, your assessment will be recognised throughout Europe
  • Continued commitment to championing the focus on confidence, empowerment, identity, and wellbeing.

Our Tool

Our tool is based on the Digital Competence Framework (DigComp) as we believe DigComp offers a comprehensive description of the knowledge, skills and attitudes that people need to learn in order to be digital ready!

In a similar approach to DigComp, our tools will assess your competence in 5 areas.  (Competencies are like skills, but also include your abilities and knowledge.)

Interested?  Then read on and start your digital journey!

How to take the Digital Route Map

  1. Accept Cookies
  2. Read each question, then chose the statement which applies most to your current skills level
  3. It will take about 30 minutes to read and complete the self-assessment
  4. Receive your Report in seconds with guidance on which modules of our development resources you should concentrate on.

Please rate yourself for each question, choose the statement and example that applies best to your current digital skill level. Each statement will contribute to your overall score. Remember it is not about achieving a high score, it’s about identifying your strengths and where you need to improve upon!