This short self-assessment tool will provide you with an overview of how prepared your company to innovate nutrient-enriched food products and services for seniors. It is developed as part of the Innovating Food for Seniors Project funded by the European Commission. This tool is based on a validated Innovation Readiness Framework developed by the project partners. It will assess your innovation readiness in four areas and nine dimensions:

  • Company – your company’s innovation capability, leadership, and culture
  • Competitiveness – your company’s resilience and access to resources and partners that will accelerate your food innovation plans
  • Customer – your company’s understanding of seniors’ specific needs and ability to commercialise food products/services
  • Environment – your company’s understanding of the policies, regulations, and market needs that help you better respond to the growing demands of marketing nutrient-enriched food products and services for seniors.

The tool consists of 40 questions and will take 8-10 minutes to complete.

Upon completion of this self-assessment, you will receive the following benefits:

A Personalised Report

You will receive a personalised report indicating your strengths and areas of improvement to be fully equipped for innovating food for seniors.

Personalised Training Advice

You will receive advice on which modules of our E-learning course can best help you strengthen your innovation knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Tracking your Learning Progress

You may take this self-assessment regularly to track your learning progress when taking part in the E-learning course. 

How to take the self-assessment

  1. Read each question, then rate your degree of agreement with each statement.
  2. Once completed, you will receive a personalised report within 30 seconds. The report will guide you to a unique learning path by suggesting which modules of our E-learning course you should prioritise.