We have developed this short assessment tool to provide you with an initial indication of how entrepreneurial you are and also to give guidance on how you can build your entrepreneurial skills.

Our tool is based on the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp) as we believe EntreComp offers a comprehensive description of the knowledge, skills and attitudes that people need to be entrepreneurial and create financial, cultural or social value for others.

Our tools will assess your competence in 3 areas.  (Competencies are like skills, but also include your abilities and knowledge.)

The three competence areas are:

  • Ideas and Opportunities
  • Resources
  • Into Action

Our Self-Assessment Tool will provide you with an overview of your own entrepreneurial competences in line with EntreComp. It will highlight the competences in which you are strong and indicate area for you to work on to improve!

Benefits of taking it

Personalised Report

Get your personal entrepreneurial report providing you with an overview of your strengths and area where you can improve.


Because it’s based on Entrecomp, your assessment will be recognised throughout Europe.

Training Recommendations

Get recommendations on which modules of our Training Course to focus on to best strengthen your entrepreneurial skills.

How to take the self assessment

  1. Read each question, then select the statement which best reflects your level of competence.
  2. At the end of each of the 3 Competence areas, please provide a short example from your previous experience which highlights your competences and abilities.
  3. It will take about 30 minutes to read and complete the self-assessment
  4. Receive your Report in about 30 seconds, with guidance on which modules of our training course you should prioritise.