Welcome to the SECure Crisis Analysis Assessment

The SECure project's Crisis Analysis Assessment is designed to help Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Companies (SMEs) identify crisis signals and risk factors for business crises. (Please note: The assessment is aimed at for-profit companies and has only limited significance for non-profit organisations. Disasters or accidents are not the subjects of the assessment).

A definition of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises can be found here

Only if signals are recognised in time and perceived as such can appropriate measures be developed and implemented. SMEs are extremely diverse and differ significantly in terms of their structures, size, financing, and business models (to name just a few characteristics), and their general vulnerability to crises varies accordingly. The causes and courses of business crises are just as an individual. This self-assessment is therefore not intended to make definitive statements about the state of your company. This requires an in-depth analysis. Rather, this assessment is intended to sensitise you to crisis signals and risk factors in different areas of your company. 

This assessment takes about 30 minutes of your time. Consider this time as an investment to identify possible crisis and risk indicators and to develop approaches to increase your crisis resilience. 

No preparation is necessary for this assessment.


Every company is different, and so is a company crisis. The assessment and the report generated automatically from your answers serve as an orientation for small and medium-sized enterprises to identify crisis and risk indicators. As this is a cross-sector self-assessment that is intended to reflect a wide range of companies, and as we do not verify your responses, we make no claim to the completeness or accuracy of the areas of action identified or measures proposed. In particular, no examination of any possible reasons for or obligations to file for insolvency will be carried out within the scope of this assessment. The feedback report that will be made available after the assessment therefore can only provide hints and does not replace a detailed analysis or professional audit.

Neither the European Commission as funding body nor any of the project partners involved in the project accept any liability for the results of this assessment or for any actions that you or third parties implement or don’t implement on the basis of the results of this assessment and the generated report.  

About the Methodology of this Assessment

If you are interested, you can learn more about the Methodology of this Assessment here. If you just want to proceed, you can just skip this.